Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Convert your important Word documents into PDF file format making them secure and easily shareable

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a universal file format that can be easily viewed on multiple platforms and devices. Converting Word documents into PDF files makes them secure while sharing data over Internet in a much convenient manner. Making PDF files secure simply means that they cannot be edited, duplicated, modified or printed easily. Moreover, converting Word files into PDF format helps users in protecting crucial information stored in Word files and project document files from unauthorized access as well as from corruption issues. Also, the increase in the size of Word files makes them unmanageable and often produces some corruption issues.

Using a proficient third-party Word to PDF convertor, one can easily convert both .doc and .docx files into PDF file format. Kernel for Word to PDF is one such advanced utility that effectively converts up to 50 Word files to PDF files in a single conversion cycle. While performing Word to PDF conversion, the software preserves the data structure, formatting and properties of original Word documents. Imposing encryption and other local restrictions on the output files can be easily done using the utility.

Simply convert your Word document into a PDF file and avoid the hassles like missing fonts, lost images, or broken layouts, etc. Local restrictions can also be imposed easily on newly-created PDF files. The conversion from Word to PDF significantly reduces the file size of Word files and makes them password-protected.

Salient Features of Word to PDF Software:
  • Accurate conversion from Word to PDF file format. Converts up to 50 Word files to PDF files in a single conversion cycle.
  • Supports conversion of both .doc and .docx files to PDF file format.
  • Preserves structure, formatting and properties of original Word documents while performing Word to PDF conversion.
  • Effectively converts even large-sized Word files into PDF files.
  • Completely supports UNICODE character conversion.
  • Allows imposing encryption and local restrictions on newly-created PDF files.
How Word to PDF Software Works?
Kernel for Word to PDF performs Word to PDF conversion in a few simple steps as follows:
  1.  Launch Kernel for Word to PDF software.

  2. Click Add File(s) button to list Word files to be converted to PDF file format.
  3. Provide the location for saving the output files.
  4. The converted PDF files get saved at the provided location.
The features that make Kernel for Word to PDF an entirely different solution among others available in the market nowadays for Word to PDF conversion are Page Settings and Security Settings. Under Page Settings, user can define the Page Size of the PDF file (either A4 or Letter). Furthermore, under Security Settings user can encrypt the resultant PDF file by specifying the password. Similarly, you can pose local restrictions on the resultant file. With these restrictions, you can grant or deny the permissions of Print, Copy, Modify or Annotate to the PDF user.

Word to PDF convertor offers an easy-to-use, self-descriptive, user-friendly graphical user interface making the entire Word to PDF conversion process a much easier task even for novice users. Available free to download evaluation version of the software allows evaluating its capabilities before purchasing the full licensed version. For more information about the software, visit: http://www.convertwordtopdffree.net/


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    I am read this blog then I used Kernel for Word to PDF converter tool to convert my all editable Word file to PDF file format.

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  2. I am using this software, really this software more reliable or convenient. That can quickly convert my important word file to PDF file format, without any issue.