The Kernel range of PDF repair tools has been devised in such a manner that it can deliver you comprehensive solution to restore, unlock and split or merge PDF files. Each and every application of this range is extremely competent and proficient enough to meet up your expectations and at the same time resolve PDF corruption or damage issues that you may get encountered with while working with a PDF file.

Best aspect about Kernel range of PDF tools is each of them is also available in trial version at free of cost. In case, you face any situation where you got deal with corrupt PDF file, remove password from PDF file, or even split or merge PDF file then, you can download the trial version and evaluate the functionalities of software before buying them.

So, the next time whenever you face any circumstance that requires instant solution or an answer, you just got to browse and get your query resolved. Find out more...

Friday, 27 June 2014

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How to perform PDF to Word DOC conversion

Portable Document Format (PDF) is the universally accepted format for sharing documents. This format preserves the layout of the document and blocks unwanted editing attempts on it. So it is the most secure and reliable format for information sharing. PDF documents can be accessed and used with any software, hardware and operating system. One can access and read documents in this format simply by installing free Adobe Reader. However, when it comes to the convenience of editing, MS Word is preferred over PDF format by most of the people. As Adobe editing tools are costlier, complex and less popular, people usually prefer to convert PDF documents to Word so that they can be edited easily.

Conversion of Word Documents to PDF Format

Traditionally, Microsoft has not been offering any tools for the conversion of Word documents to PDF or vice versa till MS Word 2013. So, many professional third-party tools are available for this purpose. They mainly fall into two categories: desktop converters and online converters. 
If you install a desktop converter on your system, you can perform the PDF to Word conversion locally without any privacy concerns. The conversion is usually quick. In online converters, you need to upload the PDF document and download the Word document after the conversion (or receive it by email). The speed depends on the tool you are using. Before choosing any of these tools, you need to check the quality of the resulting PDF documents. You also need to check if the resulting Word document is editable. Other considerations are capabilities like text conversion, image conversion, table conversion, maximum files size permitted, OCR support and reliability. Read more :
Online converters are found to provide high quality Word documents compared to the desktop converters. However, uploading large documents may take a lot of time. Though many converters return the Word document quickly, one cannot guarantee it. Also, many users are concerned about the security of the documents that are uploaded. So, desktop converters are more secure, reliable and faster than the online ones. Almost all converters are good in conversion of the text content. Whether the output Word document is editable or not depends largely on the content of your PDF file. Other qualities like image conversion, table conversion, maximum files size permitted, and OCR support may vary according to the tool. 
Many PDF users conveniently use Google Docs to convert PDF documents to MS Word. In MS Word 2013, Microsoft itself has introduced a feature-PDF Reflow, to help users in the conversion of PDF documents to Word.

How to Convert PDF Documents to MS Word Using PDF Reflow of MS Word 2013?

PDF Reflow, introduced by Microsoft in Word 2013, lets you convert PDF documents to editable Word documents. In this, the Word makes a copy of the PDF document without altering the original PDF document.
Here is how you can convert PDF Documents to Word in MS Word 2013:
  1. Click File>Open.
  2. Choose the location of the PDF document; click Browse.
  3. Locate the PDF document; click Open.

Possible Issues in PDF to Word Conversion Using PDF Reflow

In conversion using PDF Reflow, the resulting Word document has the same reading order as the original PDF document. But the resulting Word document may not have page-to-page correspondence with the original PDF document. Sometimes pages might break in many places and paragraphs might split in to many.
PDF Reflow is highly reliable for the conversion of PDF documents with text content. Though you can try it for documents with charts, images and diagrams, likelihood of issues are there. Also, the resulting Word document may not be editable as the Word treats such pages as images.
If the Word fails to detect or recognize headings, foot notes etc. of the PDF, they will appear as regular text in the Word document. Other elements that will cause issues are: Tables with cell spacing, Page colors and page borders, Tracked changes, Frames, Footnotes, Endnotes, Audio, video, and PDF active elements, PDF bookmarks, PDF tags, PDF comments and Font effects.

Limitations of PDF Reflow

The main limitation is that PDF Reflow is available only with MS Word 2013 version.
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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

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Why and How to convert images in different Format into a PDF

In this electronic global age, numerous documents are created and published using a wide array of text and word formatting, processing and desktop publishing applications. These days PDF format is also widely used by many professionals to represent their precious data and information in a most effective and efficient manner. However, now the circumstances are such that every other business, organization, big or small company, individuals or groups of individuals are converting their valuable data and information into PDF format and image to PDF file conversion is one of them. 
Usually, in this computer world, every other image is represented as pixels, which are nothing more than the square dots that require millions to make up an image. The most widely used image format is JPEG, which is generally referred as Joint Photographic Experts Group. It is one such image format used for color, grayscale and monochrome images. But, illustrators, architects or even engineers and a host of other professionals are always in need of the ability to convert images into a better format that allows printing, editing or resizing of images without loss of resolution. But since JPEG or Bitmap images are made of pixels, resizing is very restricted as after a certain point it makes the image fuzzy. 

Moreover, the key problem with various image file formats is its compression capabilities. Like, while you use a JPEG image file, using a high compression scheme always produces a low quality image. Also, when it comes to printing or editing of images, unlike any other image format, JPEG file format also doesn’t prove so good. JPEGs are neither good for repeatedly edited images nor it can deliver transparency within images very well. Thus, when the quality of an image becomes a priority in professional work, converting any image files into a more versatile and integral format turns quite essential. And, the best option you can choose is converting an image into a PDF format. 

PDF file format ultimately eradicates the disadvantages of using a JPEG file by making it easier for reusing the digital images. Thus, depending upon your usage, it could be in your best interest to convert an image file into PDF format, and ideal way to do such act is usage of Image to PDF converter. Such utility facilitates you with various options for choosing the file size and layout of output PDF file. 

Besides making the entire conversion process faster and easier, another great aspect about the software is that one can easily convert multiple image files into a single PDF file or multiple PDF files as per the requirement. Along with that, multiple options are also facilitated for a user to successfully set the image order, size, quality or even image alignment. Also, one can also assign Title, Author and Subject to the output file. 

Be it for organizations or for personal usage, such Image to PDF converter application is always very much helpful in converting loads of image files into PDF format. Read more:
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Monday, 23 December 2013

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How to make PDF splitting simpler!

Need of PDF (Portable Document Format) splitting becomes crucial when user start facing abruptions in handling the document. Although, it is quite easy to split one or more PDF file into smaller documents; it can be perform on the basis of specifications provided by users.

Check out the steps given below to Split more than one PDF documents, with an open document
  1. Open the PDF file and choose document > Split Document.
  2. You can now witness Split Document dialog box, fill up the conditions to split the file. 
    • Page number: Provide the page number for document splitting.
    • Size of the file: Provide maximum size for the file.
    • Bookmark: If the document has bookmarks, you can create book mark for each top-level bookmark.
  1. Now list the targeted folder for splitting file along with file name and choose click output options. Mention the required option and select OK.
  2. If there is a need to apply same splitting to the document you can choose To Multiple. Click on Add Files and select Add Files > Folders > Add Open Files. Choose files and then OK.

At times users might not be able to perform manual splitting of PDF files because of the absence of Adobe Acrobat. For any such situation user can comply with third party Split PDF utility. Kernel for PDF Split AND Merge is devised to perform all sort of PDF managing functions with safety and accuracy. Please check this link for more information about the software:
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Thursday, 19 December 2013

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Perform NSF to PDF conversion and have easy access to NSF emails anywhere

Undoubtedly Lotus Notes is one of the most favored email clients and widely used because of the high-tech technological interface. The level of security it provides to data is superb, but yet there are incidents that demand more security. Therefore, if you really want to keep your crucial NSF emails safe and restrict it from unauthorized access then, Lotus Notes to PDF conversion is the most suitable option you can opt. The advantage you can gain from conversion of Lotus Notes email to PDF format is data safety and easy access to NSF emails anywhere without any requirement of Domino Server environment.

Besides this, there are certain important situations that call for the requirement of NSF to PDF conversion. Say you require a flexible media to backup Lotus Notes emails. In such a scenario, if you export Lotus Notes email to PDF file format, it may get lot easier to access data. As emails always carry so much importance, it is important that one maintain prominent backup of Notes emails. And, the best way to so is saving Lotus Notes email in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Being the administrator of the organization, quite often you require managing Lotus Notes mailbox piled up with emails. To manage the emails by removing the unwanted ones in PDF file can help you cut down the awkward task of organization of emails significantly. But, execution of Lotus Notes to PDF conversion operations is definitely not that easy as it appear initially. However, here is the manual process to convert file from NSF to PDF format by using Adobe Acrobat.

Step.1 - From the mail screen of Lotus Notes, select the respective files that you want to convert to PDF. In case, you desire to select multiple messages, you can very well take help of Shift key to select contiguous messages along with CTRL key to select random messages.
(Kindly note that in case your Notes screen displays checkmarks next to messages, you can very well select by placing a check in the column to the left of the message)
Step.2 -Select Convert Selected Messages to Adobe PDF, from Lotus Notes menu. Within a matter of a few minutes, you will be promoted for a filename of the PDF.
Step.3 – Define the location to save the file.

Saving onto a UNMC network drive will be backed up regularly. If you desire to create a folder particularly for these files then, click Save to continue. You will see the development on the screen of the PDF being created and the file will open when completed.

Finally, you will view the list of messages at the top of the document along with each message featured on a separate page.

However, kindly make a note that if the message contains attachments, then it will be easily listed in the Attachments column
  • To view the attachment, just click on the paper clip in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • If you desire to insert messages to the present PDF file, then select the messages and select Actions  > Append Selected Message(s) to existing Adobe PDF and the following message may appear on the screen.
“Adobe PDF Maker appends only those message(s) which have not been archived earlier in the selected Adobe PDF portfolio. This is useful for periodic archival of emails.”

Step.4 - Click OK

Step.5 - Select the PDF file and click Open. The messages will be added to the PDF file.

The default view in the PDF file will show you all the items ignoring folders.

Now, by using this manual method you may convert file from NSF, but at the same time it consume ample amount of time. It will take your time and energy to high levels, which in most of the occasions prove useless. Therefore, an ideal option that you can opt is a third party nsf to pdf converter like Kernel for Lotus Notes to PDF. The software could provide you a true solution available online to save Lotus Notes email into PDF. The utility is competent enough to access all Domino server NSF files in the network and convert numerous local NSF files and Domino NSF files to PDF in just one step. Best aspect about the software is it retains the formatting of the emails intact even after conversion. For more about our software featured, please visit his webpage:.
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Image to PDF Conversion - Best way to secure Image files

You may find different digital images everywhere on the internet from web pages. There are instances when you download images from web and store it in your system. With image file formats being the primary medium of digital imaging, the JPEG is the most widely used format. No matter, whether you are using it for personal use or for business advertisements, JPEG is the most wide spread image formats used in Internet today.

The principal idea behind the creation of JPEG image format was to compress the size of the images. Compressing of images help in occupying less space and makes it easier for an individual to suitably transmit the documents. Yet, it has been observed that in most of the occasions during the decompressing of JPEG format the original quality of the image gets lost. In fact, recent studies have shown that JPEG files have certain limitations related to the image quality. JPEGs are generally not good for small images or images that are featured with textual data. JPEGs also don't produce transparency within images very well. Adding to that image format like JPEG is comparatively less secure compared to PDF. However, one may not completely ignore the security PDF file offer. In fact, it gets lot easier to secure a PDF file from illegal editing, printing or copying. When the quality of an image becomes a main concern, performing image to PDF conversion gets essential and mandatory.

If you are too looking out for the right solution to perform image to PDF conversion, then all that you require is take help of Google drive.

Step.1 – First of all, login in to your Google account.

Step.2 - Click the Create button to upload scanned files to Google Drive. You can choose to upload files or folder.

Note: You must keep in mind that you also need to specify the settings for uploading files. Therefore, just ensure you check the option to convert text from PDF and image files to Google documents.

Step.3 - Check the option "Convert text from PDF and image files to Google documents" to let Google Drive recognize the scanned PDF or images.

Step.4 – Click on the "Start upload" button to browse the scanned image files and upload the selected documents.

Step.5 - After the scanned files list on the panel, click the title of the file and open the converted scanned files.

Step.6 - Download the converted file to PDF file format

The other option, you can have is usage of Adobe PDF Pack. Using this pack, it gets easier to convert scan and image formats to PDF, including .jpg, .gif, .bmp, and .tif. Adding to that, it even allows you to store your PDF files online automatically and share them instantly. The steps you need to follow are:

Step.1 - Sign in to your PDF Pack account online

Step.2 - Click on Convert a File to PDF

Step.3 - Select a file, and then click Open

Step.4 - When the conversion is complete, click Download

However, just in case you find difficulty in converting the file, then you can easily make proper use of Kernel for Image to PDF conversion software. The software provides an ideal way to assemble images within a single file of same format and allow then share over the web in an effortless manner. Besides this, the tool has got many exciting features and even allows its user to assign Title and Subject name to the output PDF file. With this software you can conduct the conversion instantly. For further information visit:
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Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Make PDF editable by converting PDF File to Word

PDF or Portable Document Format is the useful file format when storage of confidential data is concerned. This format secures sensitive data by making them non- editable and restricting users from editing, copying or printing the document further over the web. PDF also ensures better file manageability and data sharing over the internet. However, if you want to make changes in these files, you have to convert them into editable doc files.

Why to convert PDF to word?

It’s very important to keep data secure when sharing them over the network which is usually performed by converting doc to PDF form. But sometimes, user needs to edit the existing document or update the information. Conversion of PDF to word offers the easiest way to make documents editable. But before undertaking conversion of PDF files to word, you need to make sure that the ongoing conversion process does not alter the original data. The original format, data, bookmarks, fonts, tables, hyperlinks, columns, rotated text, layout and images everything need to be kept same as in the PDF file before conversion.

Consider a situation; you are using Microsoft Office Word 2003. You have original PDF doc and have converted it into Word doc. after conversion, you are trying to open the word file and edit it but cannot edit the word document. You also upgrade Adobe Reader but find no result; still the word file remains non- editable.

In order to resolve such issue, you need to be very careful while converting PDF documents into Word. Also, you have to choose an effective and reliable conversion tool that can easily convert PDF into Word without making harm to data. Kernel Data Recovery provides an exceptional PDF to Word conversion that accurately converts PDF files to Word without making hassles. This tool can efficiently convert multiple PDF files into word in a single conversion cycle. Read more..
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Monday, 2 December 2013


Perform precise conversion of PDF file to Word format

Portable Document format (PDF) is the most preferred and desirable format due to the security that it provides to the data contained in it. PDF protects the copyright of a document and the content within it can be viewed as it is irrespective of the language, font & size of text, etc. that the computer on which file is being viewed supports.

But since PDF is not editable or modifiable, sometimes need crops up to convert it into Word format so that the desirable changes can be easily made to the document. But there are many things that should be taken care of before performing the word conversion. It is because, a careless conversion can lead to loss of data, format or properties of the document.

Consider a real-time situation where a user tries to convert his PDF document to Word 2007 format using commercial software. When the conversion process gets accomplished and he opens the converted word document he finds that the entire formatting of the document is disturbed and not similar to what was in the PDF file. Also, the ‘Theme font’ and ‘Size’ of the text is found different from the original document. Such things are commonly experienced when an inappropriate utility is used for conversion.

To ensure that your PDF file does not gets hampered while the process of conversion you need to choose an efficacious software utility. First of all it should be easy to perform i.e. it should be able to perform conversion using a single click. To find out the accuracy of software it is a good idea to download its free evaluation version. The free demo do perform the conversion but with some restrictions. At least the file converted using the demo version helps you to check the accuracy of the converted file.

One of the proficient PDF to Word conversion software is Kernel for PDF to Word. It converts the data, images, graphs, forms, tables, hyperlinks, OLE objects, etc. from PDF to word format precisely and that too without altering the formatting, properties and data structure of content embedded within the PDF. It facilitates the user to convert round about 50 PDF files in a single conversion cycle. Also, it enables you to convert the password-protected PDF files into Word format. A free demo version of the software is available for evaluation. Read more at :
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Sunday, 1 December 2013

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Conversion from Word to PDF for added control

We all know that Word documents are fairly simple to create, format and modify than other applications like PDF. However, PDF format offers certain advantages which become important when data has to be transferred over the Internet. This is because, over the network, data security is of prime importance. PDF file format offers facility to secure data contained in a PDF file through encryption and local restrictions. This is a main factor, why most of us prefer to convert Word to PDF format. Conversion from one format to another is better than creating PDF files because Word files are easy to format and edit. Once Word documents are fully edited, all the modifications can be transferred to a corresponding PDF file by Word to PDF conversion.

Now, we are aware of free tools that help in the conversion of Word files to PDF format, but data integrity and consistency is a big issue with those tools. So, third party utilities offer the best of solutions when it comes to fast and reliable conversion to PDF file format. Such an impeccable tool is Kernel for Word to PDF, which is capable of converting multiple Word files to PDF format at one go. The software is embedded with a file format converter and an additional Ghost script application has to be installed in order to make the required conversion. Using this tool, conversion from Word to PDF can be accomplished without compromising on data integrity.

Word to PDF conversion utility allows us to convert as many Word documents possible in a single conversion cycle. The file size or the length of file name does not matter. Data recovery is absolute and accurate. All types of data whether text, images, hyperlinks, tables, graphs, OLE objects or graphics can be successfully recovered using conversion tools. Moreover, once the PDF files are being created, we can impose local restrictions and even encrypt the data for added security. This way, PDF files can be easily transferred over the Internet without their metadata getting tampered off. Thus, conversion from one Word to PDF is an excellent way of transferring data from an editable format to a non-editable format.

word to PDF tools are used to convert documents from word file format into pdf format. With the help of such word to pdf conversion tool, users can accurately create PDF files from Word documents. Please check this link for more information about the software:
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Friday, 29 November 2013

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Perform PDF repair when issues bother you while viewing data

Adobe Reader is the application Adobe offers for free to its users over the internet so that, users across the world can view and print the Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Adobe Reader ensures that the users can access the entire content in the file along with properties such as videos, audios and image files. It offers the PDF users with the flexibility to view accurate and clear content in the document with all the properties of the data intact that appears on-screen. Moreover, due to the compact file size of PDF files, this file format is quite popular amongst web users for sharing important documents, datasheets, reports etc.

At times you might face issues that bother you viewing a PDF file in Acrobat Reader. This may be an issue if the PDF you are viewing is damaged. As you know PDF corruption makes the data in the PDF files  inaccessible and therefore the files prevents you from viewing it properly. Use of a single file by multiple users also results in issue of corruption in the PDF files. Although, corruption can hit the files anytime, but you can always rely on tips to ensure that that your file doesn’t get corrupt or damaged. Here are some of the tips for you evict issues of corruption:

  • Make sure that Adobe Acrobat is not facing low allocation of memory with the currently installed RAM. If so, try increasing the allocated memory so that your files do not face the issues of crashes due to minimal memory
  • Always open the link to PDF file in another browser and ensure that there is a single copy of PDF viewer application on your computer
  • Save the PDF on hard disk to access the data saved in it and after it is saved on your system, try opening it using Adobe Reader application. Open the PDF file directly using Adobe Reader.
If none of these tips help you in accessing or opening the PDF file and performing precise PDF repair, then it is quite possible that your PDF file has damaged either while downloading or uploading the file or during time it was shared with the user. Constant or Multi-user access to a particular PDF file might also result in corruption. If you are working in a corporate environment, then instant PDF repair is required.

If you need your file urgently in such a situation, then you must run PDF repair tool to repair the corrupt or damaged PDF file. Kernel for PDF repair is able to perform PDF repair for a batch of PDF files in a single cycle without causing damage to the data integrity of the file.

Hence, whenever you come across any such situation of PDF corruption or runtime error, we suggest and recommend you to take advantage of PDF repair tool and recover your data instantly. PDF repair and corruption resolution could have never been so easy, Kernel for PDF repair ensures you of flawless data recovery from corrupt, inaccessible or damaged PDF files that ended up giving a headache to you.

Using this PDF repair tool is easy too, as you do not have to undergo any full-fledged training session to learn the PDF repair process. All you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions to install the utility and refer to the integrated user’s help manual to help you perform PDF repair easily. Hence for any kind of corruption situation for your future, you can stay prepared fully and get rid of corruption issues easily. All you need is advanced PDF repair software and say goodbye to all PDF corruption issues. You can download the software from the given website :
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Use It When You Don’t Have Password Of The File

Have you ever come across a situation wherein fail to access a simple PDF file? In such a situation, you can just see a blank page asking for a password to let you peep in. Unfortunately, you are not aware of that and you don’t have any clue either about how to get rid of the security. The aforementioned case is a common issue that numerous users face.

PDF restrictions are normally imposed by the owner of that particular PDF file. The PDF restrictions imposed on the PDF file, refrain you from opening, copying, editing or even printing the PDF file. One, who tries to break a lock, may not always be a burglar. Same can be the situation is your case, where you can’t get in touch with the owner of the file, or need to just use the file for productive reasons but the restriction forbids you from doing so.

Security is the only concern owing to which, the author of the PDF file imposes restrictions on the PDF files. By imposing restrictions on the PDF files, the owner tries to assure that the file is same from intruders and unauthorized access. Well, you can easily remove the PDF restrictions from the PDF files and edit, copy, or print the PDF files using professional and proficient PDF restriction remover software.

There are a few facts which must be clear about PDF restriction remover tools. Good PDF security remover tools maintain the data integrity of the file after removing the restrictions from PDF files as well as sustain the original formatting. They are standalone utilities and do not require any extra component to accomplish its task. They support PDFs created with all versions of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader. A new PDF file is created without the security as thus the original file integrity is still preserved.

Kernel for PDF Restriction Removal is a professional, proficient, and result-oriented PDF restriction remover. It can remove restrictions from any PDF file with a single click. It has all the above mentioned features and enables you to edit, copy, or print the PDF files. The original file is not altered and the new file has all the formatting preserved in it. A free evaluation version is available which is fully functional but it can remove restrictions from files that are below 200KB file size. For further information, one can visit the official websites and know more about the product and its usage :
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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

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Manage your large sized PDF documents

Portable Document Format (PDF) files are considered a universal format and are used extensively by officials, students, administrators etc for official and personal use. Users are able to convert any kind of file to PDF documents easily with an array of free tools available online. PDF files are most practical kind of files. Working with PDF files makes working easy and lets you save a lot of space on your hard disk. Several business houses, companies and even home users get accustomed to the features that PDF files have to offer. 

Due to the number of features that PDF files have to offer, these files are used exhaustively for creating e-books, reports, user guides, marketing brochures, user manuals due to the benefit of transferring data electronically without making alteration in text, image, document format and file properties of the original document. 

Utility of PDF files is widespread amongst the computer users; this not only offers high security of data but also allows the document to be accessed in same format on varied operating system. However, when users transfer heavy sized PDF documents over the email client and server there can be issues. As the email client and server do not compliment the transfer of heavy and bulky PDF documents, user finds it difficult to transfer large-sized PDF documents. 

Consider a real time scenario; accessing PDF with 100s and 1000s of pages is a challenging as well as troublesome task for the user. Therefore, making PDF documents manageable is really important when you wish to transfer your files. Use Split PDF tool to ensure the manageability of PDF files as this is the most viable solution to ensure your data is ready to share. User can opt for third party tool to split PDF documents efficiently. 

With Split PDF tool, users can divide bulky PDF documents into small chunks. This allows the user to have feasible sharing option for their important PDF documents. The split PDF tool is an independent or standalone utility and allows splitting of documents on multiple parameters. In order to split large sized PDF files, you can use options such as Split by Page, by Page Range, by Size (KB), by even pages and by Odd pages. As the utility is completely standalone tool, user need not to have Adobe Acrobat or Reader to split PDF into smaller chunks or merge small-sized PDF into a single PDF file.

As the PDF document maintains data with high accuracy and ensures utmost safety for the data stored in these files, the tool conducts the split PDF process efficiently, maintaining data integrity and authenticity. The split PDF software allows the user to manage their routine needs of working with PDF files.

The split PDF software is devised with utmost user-friendly interface so that users need not to have any technical knowledge to perform Split PDF process using the software. Once the splitting or merging process is complete the tool renames output files so that they can be easily identified. The split PDF tool is compatible with any version of Adobe Acrobat or Reader.

User can also opt for the free evaluation version available for split PDF Tool to get a fair idea of its features and working. This works similar to the complete version of the tool but creates limitation when the data has to be saved. The free evaluation version works for 15 days and performs complete functions of split PDF and merge PDF. To save the data into the user system after surpassing the 15 days of trial period, users need to purchase the complete version of split PDF tool. 

Hence, the software is meant to ease the PDF functionality and manageability of users. It creates hassle free workflow environment and keeps the original PDF content intact.Please visit here :
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Re-access your damaged PDF File Using PDF File Repair Software

Talking in context of present scenario, it is really hard to ignore the importance of PDF Files. Today, by using PDF files you actually get the flexibility to view accurate content in the documents. Perhaps, it won’t be wrong to presume PDF file as the most secured way of protecting or sharing the vital content or text present in it through internet. One of the most vital aspect that almost every working professional appreciate about this Portable Document Format is the compactness as it facilitates to shrink the large file and moreover preserve the layout of the data present in it. 

However, at the same time you just cannot ignore about the facing a situation where your most important PDF file gets corrupted. In fact, there are conditions when you are just not able to open or access PDF file properly and in turn have to face error message. Facing any error message that indicates the PDF file corruption is not acceptable, especially in situation where you are in real need of accessing PDF file immediately. Therefore, the question is what you will do in order to restore the damaged PDF file and overcome from such circumstances. Perhaps, the most appropriate alternative that you can opt to deal with such unfavorable condition is the usage of a third party PDF File Repair software. PDF repair tool, as the name suggests provide you the most feasible and effective way to deal and repair the corrupt PDF file within a short interval of time. 

The most striking feature about PDF repair tool is it allows you to fix the PDF file corruption in almost every condition. In fact, the level of corruption is never a prime worry for PDF repair tool. As the tool is very well embedded with powerful algorithm, the tool conducts the search operation, retrieve the required data and then restore the damaged PDF file.

Kernel for PDF Repair is one such efficient PDF Repair software that is very much capable of handling every PDF file corruption issue. The software has been devised to repair and restore PDF file. Another great feature about this utility is its ability to maintain the PDF file properties and structure even after the successful completion of PDF file recovery process. Adding to that, the software has been programmed in such a manner that it recreates the corrupt PDF file with same file name. Moreover, for users the software is also available in trial version at free of cost. So, a user can easily verify and examine the efficiency of this tool very easily.Read more
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Monday, 25 November 2013

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Remove Local Security…Easily Edit, Copy, or Print PDF Files!!

Many a times, you might have faced problems while editing, copying, or printing PDF files.

You might be just thinking as to why this happens.

Well, you face difficulty in editing, copying, or printing PDF files because restrictions such as edit, copy, or print are being applied on the PDF documents and since you are not authorized to access the PDF files, you are unable to edit, copy, or print the PDF files.
Let’s consider a real life scenario wherein you downloaded a PDF file from the internet. After downloading the PDF file on your computer system, you tried to edit the PDF file to suit your requirements. However, you are unable to do so. 

Moreover, when you try to print or copy the PDF file, you are unsuccessful in doing so.

The reason as to why you are not able to edit, copy, or print the PDF file is that restrictions are being applied onto the PDF document and you are not authorized to edit, copy, or print the PDF file.

One way to resolve the above mentioned error message is to perform local security removal on the PDF file. This simply means that you need to remove the edit, copy, and print restrictions being imposed on the PDF file.

You can do this by using a professional and proficient third party local security removal tool. 

With the help of a local security removal tool, you can easily and efficiently remove restrictions from the PDF files and thereby making sure that you are able to edit, copy, or print the PDF document.

A number of PDF restriction removal tools are available in the market. Be careful and choose upon a vigilant PDF restriction removal tool.

Kernel for PDF Restriction Removal is a professional as well as powerful local security removal tool that is specifically devised to remove restrictions from the PDF files. Here is the complete guide to perform PDF Restriction Removal, please visit here :
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Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Convert your important Word documents into PDF file format making them secure and easily shareable

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a universal file format that can be easily viewed on multiple platforms and devices. Converting Word documents into PDF files makes them secure while sharing data over Internet in a much convenient manner. Making PDF files secure simply means that they cannot be edited, duplicated, modified or printed easily. Moreover, converting Word files into PDF format helps users in protecting crucial information stored in Word files and project document files from unauthorized access as well as from corruption issues. Also, the increase in the size of Word files makes them unmanageable and often produces some corruption issues.

Using a proficient third-party Word to PDF convertor, one can easily convert both .doc and .docx files into PDF file format. Kernel for Word to PDF is one such advanced utility that effectively converts up to 50 Word files to PDF files in a single conversion cycle. While performing Word to PDF conversion, the software preserves the data structure, formatting and properties of original Word documents. Imposing encryption and other local restrictions on the output files can be easily done using the utility.

Simply convert your Word document into a PDF file and avoid the hassles like missing fonts, lost images, or broken layouts, etc. Local restrictions can also be imposed easily on newly-created PDF files. The conversion from Word to PDF significantly reduces the file size of Word files and makes them password-protected.

Salient Features of Word to PDF Software:
  • Accurate conversion from Word to PDF file format. Converts up to 50 Word files to PDF files in a single conversion cycle.
  • Supports conversion of both .doc and .docx files to PDF file format.
  • Preserves structure, formatting and properties of original Word documents while performing Word to PDF conversion.
  • Effectively converts even large-sized Word files into PDF files.
  • Completely supports UNICODE character conversion.
  • Allows imposing encryption and local restrictions on newly-created PDF files.
How Word to PDF Software Works?
Kernel for Word to PDF performs Word to PDF conversion in a few simple steps as follows:
  1.  Launch Kernel for Word to PDF software.

  2. Click Add File(s) button to list Word files to be converted to PDF file format.
  3. Provide the location for saving the output files.
  4. The converted PDF files get saved at the provided location.
The features that make Kernel for Word to PDF an entirely different solution among others available in the market nowadays for Word to PDF conversion are Page Settings and Security Settings. Under Page Settings, user can define the Page Size of the PDF file (either A4 or Letter). Furthermore, under Security Settings user can encrypt the resultant PDF file by specifying the password. Similarly, you can pose local restrictions on the resultant file. With these restrictions, you can grant or deny the permissions of Print, Copy, Modify or Annotate to the PDF user.

Word to PDF convertor offers an easy-to-use, self-descriptive, user-friendly graphical user interface making the entire Word to PDF conversion process a much easier task even for novice users. Available free to download evaluation version of the software allows evaluating its capabilities before purchasing the full licensed version. For more information about the software, visit:
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