Monday, 2 December 2013


Perform precise conversion of PDF file to Word format

Portable Document format (PDF) is the most preferred and desirable format due to the security that it provides to the data contained in it. PDF protects the copyright of a document and the content within it can be viewed as it is irrespective of the language, font & size of text, etc. that the computer on which file is being viewed supports.

But since PDF is not editable or modifiable, sometimes need crops up to convert it into Word format so that the desirable changes can be easily made to the document. But there are many things that should be taken care of before performing the word conversion. It is because, a careless conversion can lead to loss of data, format or properties of the document.

Consider a real-time situation where a user tries to convert his PDF document to Word 2007 format using commercial software. When the conversion process gets accomplished and he opens the converted word document he finds that the entire formatting of the document is disturbed and not similar to what was in the PDF file. Also, the ‘Theme font’ and ‘Size’ of the text is found different from the original document. Such things are commonly experienced when an inappropriate utility is used for conversion.

To ensure that your PDF file does not gets hampered while the process of conversion you need to choose an efficacious software utility. First of all it should be easy to perform i.e. it should be able to perform conversion using a single click. To find out the accuracy of software it is a good idea to download its free evaluation version. The free demo do perform the conversion but with some restrictions. At least the file converted using the demo version helps you to check the accuracy of the converted file.

One of the proficient PDF to Word conversion software is Kernel for PDF to Word. It converts the data, images, graphs, forms, tables, hyperlinks, OLE objects, etc. from PDF to word format precisely and that too without altering the formatting, properties and data structure of content embedded within the PDF. It facilitates the user to convert round about 50 PDF files in a single conversion cycle. Also, it enables you to convert the password-protected PDF files into Word format. A free demo version of the software is available for evaluation. Read more at :


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