Sunday, 1 December 2013

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Conversion from Word to PDF for added control

We all know that Word documents are fairly simple to create, format and modify than other applications like PDF. However, PDF format offers certain advantages which become important when data has to be transferred over the Internet. This is because, over the network, data security is of prime importance. PDF file format offers facility to secure data contained in a PDF file through encryption and local restrictions. This is a main factor, why most of us prefer to convert Word to PDF format. Conversion from one format to another is better than creating PDF files because Word files are easy to format and edit. Once Word documents are fully edited, all the modifications can be transferred to a corresponding PDF file by Word to PDF conversion.

Now, we are aware of free tools that help in the conversion of Word files to PDF format, but data integrity and consistency is a big issue with those tools. So, third party utilities offer the best of solutions when it comes to fast and reliable conversion to PDF file format. Such an impeccable tool is Kernel for Word to PDF, which is capable of converting multiple Word files to PDF format at one go. The software is embedded with a file format converter and an additional Ghost script application has to be installed in order to make the required conversion. Using this tool, conversion from Word to PDF can be accomplished without compromising on data integrity.

Word to PDF conversion utility allows us to convert as many Word documents possible in a single conversion cycle. The file size or the length of file name does not matter. Data recovery is absolute and accurate. All types of data whether text, images, hyperlinks, tables, graphs, OLE objects or graphics can be successfully recovered using conversion tools. Moreover, once the PDF files are being created, we can impose local restrictions and even encrypt the data for added security. This way, PDF files can be easily transferred over the Internet without their metadata getting tampered off. Thus, conversion from one Word to PDF is an excellent way of transferring data from an editable format to a non-editable format.

word to PDF tools are used to convert documents from word file format into pdf format. With the help of such word to pdf conversion tool, users can accurately create PDF files from Word documents. Please check this link for more information about the software:

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  1. Really, good software. I am read this blog then I used Kernel for Word to PDF conversion software for convert my all editable word file to non-editable pdf file format.

    Johnson Dave